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9 Exercises to help reduce injuries when you’re over the hill

Although not easy to accept or admit, our bodies change as we get older and as such we need to spend a little bit more time preparing for exercise. It has been said before, stretching, stretching and stretching is very important, to keep your body limber and avoid pulling muscles. Building strength is another one that fits the category.

Here are some suggestions for exercises you could do a couple of times a week to help reduce your risk of injuries. As always, check with your doctor, be careful, listen to your body and don’t go beyond your comfort level.


  1. Slowly warm up your body by walking briskly for a few minutes
  2. Strengthen your legs & lower back by doing some (slow) squats,keeping your back straight
  3. Make your core (middle) stronger with the plank exercise
  4. Improve your balance by standing on one leg, switching legs
  5. Stretch your Achilles tendon by stretching one leg back, with support from a wall or chair
  6. Pull elastic tubing apart to strengthen your shoulders
  7. Roll your feet over a golf ball to loosening up feet tissue
  8. Lift light weights over your head to increase muscle mass
  9. Get some protein after exercise to help your muscles rebuild

Stay active without getting injured, it will make you feel a lot better.

You can find these exercises in the AARP magazine online.