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About Remobility


Remobility Physical Therapy is a rehabilitation and wellness service provider located in Marietta (East Cobb), Georgia. The name of the company reflects our goal to bring patients as close as possible, even reaching or exceeding, their previous level of function – a return to mobility.Our logo illustrates this concept through the use of three boomerangs to create the letter “R” in Remobility.

Remobility logo

Our office is owned and operated by Roel Fung-A-Wing, PT, who has decades of experience and personally treats patients.  To keep up with new developments in our field, the staff of Remobility continuously attends seminars, workshops and observes surgical procedures when possible to gain a better understanding of treatment protocols.

Remobility Team

The staff of Remobility has spent many years caring for patients with a wide range of conditions, including common ailments such as  sprains/strains, to more complicated cases such as post-operative orthopedic care or neurological disorders.


“Prevention is the key”, the principle that guides our staff to focus on educating clients and the community. For example, the risk of injury can be reduced through proper body mechanics. In addition to providing rehabilitative and wellness services, Remobility also offers free educational workshops to teach the community about the risks and preventive measures for various conditions like stroke, joint and muscle problems, hypertension and fall prevention. For a more detailed list of services we provide, please visit our Services page.



Roël Fung-A-Wing, PT, studied and trained in The Netherlands. He has worked in The Netherlands, Suriname and the U.S. in clinical, home health and hospital inpatient settings, and currently manages his own private practice in Marietta, Georgia. Click here for Roel’s bio.


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