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Alternative to cervical fusion

October is Physical Therapy Month and it is my great honor to serve you and the East Cobb community. Our goal at Remobility is to bring clients back to their previous level of function, and to help us with this, we make an effort to stay up to date on the latest procedures and techniques.

On September 26th I had an opportunity to attend a presentation regarding Mobi-C cervical disc, an artificial device that can be surgically inserted between the cervical vertebrae to replace a dysfunctional or ruptured disc.




For properly indicated patients, this procedure provides an alternative to cervical fusion. As a result, Mobi-C patients will have the benefit of a minimally invasive procedure which maintains natural neck motion afterwards. Except for contact sports, patients are able to resume their daily activity within weeks.

Mobi-C is the first artificial cervical disc to be FDA approved for 2 levels, and the 7-year data shows that use of the Mobi-C is superior to fusion. This is promising for the future of spine care.


For more information please visit or call Dr. David Herzig of Piedmont Physicians Neurosurgery at 404-299-3338.