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Avoiding strains during road trips

Now that the holidays are upon us, we would like for you to be safe on the road and have a pleasant stay wherever you are headed.

Here are a few last minutes tips to help avoid strains on your back and neck while driving.

  • Check and adjust the position of your mirrors before driving
  • Adjust your seat to the proper height and distance to the pedals
  • For long distance drivers: it may alleviate muscle spasms in your arms, legs, back and neck if you simply adjust your seat or back rest one notch ( forward or backward.)
  • Do not lean on the steering wheel – it makes quick maneuvering difficult. Just sit relaxed with your head against the head rest.
  • Set your back rest at an angle greater than 90 degrees to avoid stress on your lower back.

So again, take care of yourself on the road and enjoy your holidays!