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Beware of getting a text neck

Don’t let your phone become a pain in the neck. This message serves as a preventive measure for those using their cell phone for a prolonged period of time while sitting or standing.

Text Neck

In the medical arena this is seen as a new problem that is getting worse. More clients are now visiting doctors and rehab facilities looking for pain relief in shoulders, back and neck.

Neuro and spine surgery analyses point out the burden placed on the cervical spine through the typical posture of people looking at their phone, head tilted down at angles, sometimes at more than 60 degrees.

The pictures below will give you an impression how the load on the cervical spine increases when the head is tilted forwards. Researchers determined that the weight on the cervical spine increases to about 60 pounds, compared with 10-12 pounds with no tilt.


text neck
Courtesy of Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj


This poor posture can also cause degenerative changes in the spine, followed by damage of nerve roots and weakening of muscles around the shoulders and neck.

Tips to prevent text neck

  • Check the way you sit or stand behind their desk; please maintain an erect posture at all time and adjust the height of your chair and monitor.
  • Also check the way you sit in the car; do not lean on the steering wheel, but instead use the seat back to relax your back and neck.

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