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How to choose your physical therapist

If you are injured, just underwent joint surgery or suffered a stroke, you will most likely need a physical therapist who can help you return to your previous level of functioning.


Here are some tips to consider when choosing one:

1. Understand what physical therapy is all about

Physical therapy is a form of rehabilitation and treatment of joint, muscle, nerve and bone problems, resulting from an illness or injury. This approach will help you to improve your range of motion, strength, balance and coordination. Before treatment, the therapist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best plan of care for you.

2. Choosing your therapist

  • Your therapist must be licensed in the state where you live (go to the Secretary of State website to verify).
  • Make sure that your therapist has the education and experience in the specialization that will fit your needs, e.g. if you suffered a stroke, you would like to see a therapist who is an expert in stroke rehabilitation. The same applies to sports injuries or rehab after a joint replacement.

3. The clinic

This is a matter of personal choice and you decide if you prefer a corporate franchise or a smaller, privately owned clinic. The size and service of the clinic will determine the level of personal attention from the therapy and office staff. Most clients prefer personal attention in a smaller setting and don’t want to be seen by different therapists at each visit. Privacy during a treatment session is important to some people and can be vital to the healing process.

4. Participation

Regardless of which therapist you choose, it is very important to be an active participant in your recovery process and stay in compliance with the instructions of your doctor and therapist. Make sure to communicate your findings and needs to your doctor or therapist, since they are part of your rehab team.

Remember that rehabilitation is a process that does not happen overnight; sometimes it will take a while to have noticeable results. Overall, your determination, cooperation and willingness to improve are the key elements to your healing.


Still have questions? Please contact us and we will be glad to provide more information.