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March 26th – National Diabetes Alert Day

With National Diabetes Alert Day around the corner (March 26th), we wanted to highlight the importance of taking care of your feet and legs.


Photo by Marcos Santos
Photo by Marcos Santos


Why the feet and legs?

Because diabetes can cause serious problems in feet and legs, affecting the way people walk and even lead to amputation. As research has shown, more than half of amputations in diabetic patients are of legs or feet.


How can diabetes hurt your feet?

  • Reduced blood flow to limbs and legs make it harder for injuries to heal.
  • Damaged nerves may result in not feeling pain and being aware of wounds in need of treatment.


How can you avoid serious problems?

  • Manage your diabetes and keep your glucose and cholesterol at safe levels
  • Don’t smoke; it reduces blood flow to your feet
  • Stay at a healthy weight
  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise regularly
  • Check your feet daily for sores and injuries.


Learn more about living with diabetes at the CDC website.