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Press Release: New Comprehensive Foot Care Team

New Comprehensive Foot Care Team to Serve Cobb and North Fulton

October 7, 2013 – Marietta, Ga. – Remobility Physical Therapy is pleased to announce the formation of a new comprehensive foot care team, comprised of three area healthcare providers who are specialized to assist clients with reducing pain and inflammation, correcting structural problems, and improving mobility and ambulation.

Roël Fung-A-Wing, PT, licensed physical therapist and Clinic Director of Remobility Physical Therapy, will work in collaboration with Tammy Gephart, DPM, a foot and ankle physician specialist and podiatric surgeon with Podiatry Group of Georgia, and Ben Valena, CPed, CFo, a Certified Pedorthist and Orthotic Fitter with Advantage Orthopedic Systems. This new foot care team will serve the Cobb County and North Fulton areas, and provide care to podiatry patients, performance athletes, dancers, and others with acute or chronic foot or ankle conditions. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Dr. Tammy Gephart.

Tammy Gephart, DPM
Podiatry Group of Georgia
Tel: 404-806-3731


About Remobility Physical Therapy
Remobility, Inc., is a physical therapy and wellness private practice located in the East Cobb community of Marietta, Ga. With over 40 years of physical therapy experience, Roël Fung-A-Wing, PT, provides one-on-one treatment to clients with the ultimate goal of returning them to mobility. Proven therapeutic outcomes, minimal wait times and outstanding customer service are all key factors in Remobility’s longevity in the community. For more information about Remobility, please contact Clinic Director, Roël Fung-A-Wing, at 770-578-4343 or visit