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Therapeutic taping

Like many other professionals, physical therapists are required to take continuing education classes to keep up with changes and developments in the healthcare world.
Last Saturday I attended another workshop on taping techniques for common sports injuries, using Rocktape.

Rocktape helps to support weak muscles and swollen joints, inhibiting or facilitating muscles, while also assisting the blood circulation. The tape and taping technique helps speed the healing process,  but is used to prevent injuries and enhance performance as well.

The workshop was held at the Hilton Garden Hill Hotel in Atlanta and was presented by sports medicine specialist Dr. Rick Daigle, PT DPT.
The audience included physical and occupational therapists and athletic trainers.

We had the opportunity to practice applying the tape on peers and ourselves to get both perspectives.
One of the advantages of Rocktape is that it’s easy to apply, even though good knowledge of anatomy is required to maximize the effects.
One application lasts up to five days and when it gets wet, the tape dries quickly. It is also easy to remove.

This course provides a renewed opportunity to make orthopedic surgeons and urgent care centers aware of the importance of quick action to help stabilize injured muscles and joints. The material and techniques I acquired at the workshop will enable me to better assist our clients with these injuries.

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