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Well attended stroke awareness event

The stroke awareness event we mentioned earlier on the blog was held on Saturday March 3rd and with 170 guests it can be said that attendance was well above expectations!  Highlights of the evening included contributions by the following guests:

      • Saul Raisin, famous cyclist who suffered brain injury, gave an inspirational speech and book sale donation –
    • Rekha Nath of Shepherd Center gave an educational presentation –
    • Louise Runyon involved the guests in a interactive demonstration of Feldenkrais –
    • Ethan Margolis & Cihtli Ocampo, professional musician and dancer, gave a wonderful Spanish guitar and flamenco performance – &

Read more at the organizer’s website

As one of the sponsors of the event, Remobility had the opportunity to set up a table and provide visitors with information and details of our approach to stroke. Bobath or NDT, is a technique to facilitate a movement or posture that is lacking in the gross motor activity, i.e. from sitting to standing position.
Click on the link to see a detailed explanation of NDT on Wikipedia .

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