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What I learned about strokes

I have recently read articles on strokes, which is an interesting topic I would like to tell you about.

A stroke is when blood flow to the brain is interrupted, which results in a loss of brain function. It is also a leading cause of long term disability.

Here at Remobility I have seen Roel work with stroke patients and he has four factors that he accounts for when treating a stroke patient: behavior modification, family involvement, medical instruction, and physical therapy.

Behavior modification means having the patient change his behavior in order to adapt to his new conditions and in order to stay calm. If the patient gets too angry or frustrated then their blood pressure may rise, which may lead to further complications, so the patient must learn to stay calm at all times.

Family involvement and encouragement is also an important factor since patients can’t do much on their own. Family members must encourage positive behavior of the patient and avoid making the patient stress out. Some strokes cause the patient to have speech difficulties, so it is important to give the patient a chance to speak if they are trying to say something. Families also need to encourage home safety by keeping into account such things as proximity from the bed to the bathroom and moving items that can pose a falling hazard.

The next factor is medical instruction, which is anything that the doctor gives the patient or tells them to do. This usually includes medicine that the doctor prescribes, changing your diet, and watching your weight. There are certain foods to avoid that can trigger a stroke, such as pastries, red meat, and processed meats. Watching your weight is also an important factor that needs to be accounted for to avoid another stroke.

The final factor is the one that you come to Remobility for, physical therapy. Early treatment with physical therapy is vital in order for the patient to recover, so remember to start therapy ASAP! Physical therapy plays a major role in the recovery of the patient because it is used to regain basic skills and help increase other functions.

These four factors coincide with each other in order to help patients regain their previous abilities and have positive improvements!



Note: Neilay Patel is a Wheeler High School student who writes weekly articles about his internship experience with Remobility Physical Therapy.