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Workshop at The Dancers Studio: Proper stretching techniques

As you may know, one of our core principles at Remobility is “Prevention is the key,” and in an ongoing effort to promote injury prevention, we provide educational opportunities to the community.

dancers-stretchAs a sports medicine physical therapist, I had the honor of conducting a workshop at The Dancers Studio in Kennesaw to teach students proper stretching techniques. The students were very eager to learn and it was a pleasure to watch them absorb the information and practice the warm-up and stretches.

We had a lot of fun for several hours, then finished with a  Q&A session to address the students’ questions and concerns about dance-related injuries and simple ways to prevent them. In the upcoming month I plan to continue discussing some of the most common joint and muscle problems that can affect dance performance, so be sure to check our blog again soon.

If your group would like to host a physical therapy related seminar, please contact me at 770-578-4343 to schedule. I would be happy to provide a presentation.


Yours in good health,

Roel Fung-A-Wing, PT